Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A 180

Just over a year ago, I had a lot of life questions, I felt incredibly empty, unfulfilled, and somewhat abandoned. I was hurting as I'd had to let go of Kinlee in to full day school and pre-maturely be left with my arms empty wondering if this is truly my first and my last I just sent off in to the big bad world. That all comes with myriad of emotions and they run deep, it's so hard to explain to anyone. I questioned things I'd never questioned before and I honestly did not think I could go on. I tried for two months to find a job that would keep my mind off my trials and yet still give me the chance to be home whenever my baby was home...nothing worked out. I prayed for something anything and I was pushed to the very edge of every last thing at the time. I felt pretty stinking useless, and sad, my house and all it's empty rooms and quiet nothingness almost taunted my broken heart. It was pretty much exactly the moment I all but threw in the towel of life --- I interviewed for and was offered a job at the Elementary School --- it was good, so good, I got to work a few mornings a week, and one full day and only doors down from the very place my little girl was going to school, it was crazy how lucky and blessed I felt, I knew it was heaven sent in more ways than one --- plus the kids were so dang cute, they distracted me from the pain of secondary infertility --- I guess you could say they filled an aching void inside of me. I can't even describe how much I appreciated having a job there. I worked part time until in the fall when I started on full time and this is when I sort of lost the balance I once had in my life where I was able to feel needed somewhere and yet still able to function for my family and our business and my church calling and everything in between...I pretty much only worked at the school, helped Kinlee with her homework and got her to her piano lessons, made dinner (most of the time) and barely had enough energy to crawl in to bed, every single day, same thing and less and less energy as the months went by, I felt like I was drowning in life, unable to keep up with everything. There isn't much for a quality of life in that lifestyle  especially since Mont more often than not is swamped at work with employees on extended leave for health reasons etc. Between the two of us we were quite a pair, lame, tired, sore, pathetic really. It definitely took it's toll on me. I was still so incredibly grateful to have the job though and to have so many kids in my life to love and help educate. But in the back of my mind I knew I could not keep up this brutal, severely undesirable schedule. I kept at it and Mont would keep telling me to hang on, June was just around the corner, that I wasn't working next year so I could do anything until summertime....about the same time Mont was trying so hard to encourage me, Kinlee said something that really hit me one morning while I was doing her hair before school, rushed as every morning was...she was trying to be silly and as normally, or back in the day, I'd either join in on the silly or I'd at least crack a smile or laugh hard, because heck the kid IS hilarious...I apparently did none of the above and the moment she said "Mom, why don't you laugh anymore?" I knew I was in this life thing way over my head. She was right, I was too serious, too tired to be myself except at school where I gave all my smiles and energy and jovial ways to all those kids all day...poor Kinlee was getting the tired, grumpy version of her mom. Sad :( 

It was about this same time that a job I'd known for a year or so was going to come available was being advertised on I always thought I'd apply for the job when it came up but when it came down to the wire...I was way too tired to even find the time or energy after every day's long exhausting hours at the school to even think about submitting my application and resume and I kept putting it on the back burner. Apparently, I even told Mont I wasn't going to bother applying for it even though I'd be crazy not to apply for it, it was at the perfect job description for me, in every way. I was just too exhausted and figured it would be a hard job to get as it is with any job with the Church and being that his is a small LDS community, there would be so many awesome people who would apply and be more suited for the job than myself. I literally was just too taxed out on the crazy schedule to think very clearly about how stupid I would be NOT to apply. I had too much on my plate trying to balance work full time at the school, my home and family and church callings, plus books for two businesses, deadlines up the wahzoo and we were cleaning the lab every weekend too...BUT something definitely lured me to the computer the night I finally sat down and applied...knowing full well that I had a really good chance of getting it. So one night when Mont was working late and I was dealing with some school drama with Kinlee and some other needs were pulling at me in every direction...I quickly applied for the job with an old resume and walked away. 

The title for the job: Support Specialist at the Raymond Seminary, someone who is highly motivated and enthusiastic. The best part that was calling my name was that it was part time, 8 whopping hours a week. They wanted someone who would welcome and connect with the students as they enter the building, help with enrolment and attendance records, assist with creating lesson materials, decorate classrooms, order materials, correspond with stake and ward leaders and parents of students, reach out and rescue students and potential students, etc etc. The requirements were to have advanced computer literacy, ability to train others in computer programs, strong interpersonal skills, demonstrable skills in office management, bookkeeping and events planning and powerful presentation, writing and communication skills. I applied for it and didn't put a lot of thought in to it beyond that...I knew it was a great job opportunity, probably the best that I've ever applied for and the best I could ever hope to be offered but even though I felt very confident I qualified for the job with vast office experience, college educated in office systems management, a part owner in a business I do the bookkeeping for and of course all the church experience I have taken advantage of over the years as well...I still didn't want to be too greedy as I already was blessed with a job that was already a big answer to my prayers from the year before. So I hit submit and left it at that. I didn't hear anything back for a good chunk of time and I continued on with my extremely tiring and busy busy lifestyle. Then one day I got the phone call saying I'd been selected for an interview. I had asked my sister to pray for me but I didn't really feel right about praying for it myself for some reason, like it made me an ingrate because I'd already been offered and was full swing in one of the best jobs for a mom who wants to work a little but still be home with her kid(s). So the interview was on a Friday afternoon, I sent Kinlee over to play with one of her good friends and I walked in to this interview thrilled that I didn't have choose my words carefully when it came to my religion I could talk all I wanted about my experience in the church, my teaching opportunities as a full time Early Morning Seminary Teacher, my full time Mission experience as well as my mini mission and even got asked to talk extensively about my past church callings and which ones were my favourite. It was fabulous, actually ideal as the church is more my life than anything else is and I hate having to guard my words when it comes to the church, everything I am and have has literally been because of the church. Two men were in the interview, both head CES Area Office Administrators...both such great guys, easy to talk to, we laughed and really had a good time in the interview. Interviews don't really scare me, I don't get super nervous for any but this one was especially comfortable being that it was two great men, spiritual giants really, easy to be around and it was really just a great continuous conversation more than an interview. Even though it went so well, I still didn't put all my heart and soul in to hoping high that I would get it. I truly felt that the job would go to the best candidate and ultimately being that it is a church job it would go to the person the Lord intends for it to go to and no wishing or wanting on my part was going to change that, however I have to admit that deep down I almost knew without knowing that this was going to be my job. I was confident I had a really good chance as my experience in and out of the church was so applicable. When I got a text exactly a week later (and only after taking a brutal timed computer skills test that only two of the how ever many applicants were selected to take) asking if I had any other work related references I was a little nervous for 1/2 a second because I really didn't think I had a recent enough work related reference...I haven't been in the work place until recently for almost 8 years. But then it came to me that yes I actually do...I had two glowing reference letters from two extremely busy doctors I worked for in Cardston. I made their letters in to PDF's and emailed them off right away. At the same time and almost as an after thought I decided that I'd include two CES teaching certificates as well from when I taught the Old Testament in Early Morning Seminary 11 years ago. Interestingly enough, the following week, exactly another full week later I was offered the job and when I went in to talk about the New Hire Forms and have a little meeting with the Administrator and Head Secretary at the CES office, I found out that those two teaching certificates were the things that sealed the deal with the hiring committee here and in Salt Lake as the felt that could be an asset to them when it comes to supporting some of those early morning seminary teachers in the region I'll eventually be covering.  

It's taken until just recently for it to actually sink in that I actually did get this dream job...I felt like it wasn't real---it still feels a little surreal to me. I've felt a little guilt too in getting this fabulous job as there were so many ladies who wanted it. I have literally felt ill at times talking to some of the people who applied but didn't get it. That part stinks.

This job is an opportunity that as I read my patriarchal blessing now seems to fulfill several of the Lords promises or descriptions of my life that I thought I was failing at. There are lines in there I wondered what I was going to do as to fulfill them...the moment all of this unraveled and is here for me now I know the Lord's hand was in it, this is where I am suppose to be. And though my Plan "A" would have been to be having my babies and raising them up unto Lord...I have to forever thank my Heavenly Father for  Plan "B". 

On my first day in the office alone it was so quiet and peaceful and after coming from a room of over 100 kids and grown ups all day, buzzing with noise and constant transitioning kids from one thing to the next...hectic, chaotic, exhausting...when that first day's silence was only broken by the opening hymn in one of the seminary classes I couldn't hold it in, I leaned my head back and sighed loudly and said, "This. Is. Heaven!" I still wonder if the guy in the office next to mine heard me, but honestly, it is the only way to describe what it's like to go to work's heavenly, it's peaceful, its wonderful. I don't work every day, I work when I want to work, so I get to balance my week out between home, the dental lab/office and the Seminary building now. I even have energy for Kinlee when she walks in the door with her backpack loaded up with the evening or weekly homework sheets. I don't feel like I'm knocking on deaths door anymore when I wake up in the morning. 

With the new turn of events on the job front I thought for sure I might actually get to get caught up some extra things around the house, pick up on some hobbies again, do things I have meant to get done for the last year or so that I couldn't being so busy...I did open up a sweet artsy fartsy journal K&I got for christmas and coloured in it with Kinlee while we listened to "Be Calm" music by Paul Cardall and for a moment I foolishly thought I could make a habit of that and finally maybe get those spare moments here and there to actually read a novel again or finish the ones I've started. I was so excited...for a minute took less than 3 days to fill up all those little moments I thought I was going to get to relish in at certain points during the week...the same week the job started the Bishop released from my calling as Compassionate Service leader and extended another calling, a much busier, probably one of the busiest calling for a woman in this church...he called me to be the Young Womens' President. Even though I swore I never wanted to be in a presidency again let alone EVER be the president of any thing...I said yes. And then I set out to spend the next week trying to wrap my head around my new responsibilities at the Seminary Building while praying constantly for the right counselors and secretary. As the week unfolded my testimony of revelation grew leaps and Sunday I had a strongly validated presidency lined up and when the old YW President was released, I felt a huge weight on my shoulders and actually as it turned out that night it felt more like the weight of an elephant on my chest...I couldn't breathe, literally as I was looking through the old presidents binder, papers, names, lists, meeting agenda's, goals, lesson plans, class presidencies and activities, girls camp, winter camp, budget, less actives,  non-member everything one by one piled in to my brain it overloaded my circuits or something because I am pretty sure what happened that night was an Anxiety/Panic Attack, I was hyperventilating, I thought I was going to die, my head was throbbing, my lungs couldn't get enough air, I was shaking and sweating and gasping for air...I was totally freaking out...It was doubt and fear overtaking me. I was questioning my ability to be a President, to be what I needed to be for the girls, to keep up with everything and do it all right and perfectly and please the right people. It was bad and I know it was the opposite of the spirit but once I got over tripping out over that and got on my knees and prayed some more, getting in to my scriptures and studying them with all this in mind and as I continue to do that I have felt more rest assured, more peace that I am going to make it, I can measure up if I do this in the right way and order, give myself some time and not expect it to all come at once I am going to do just fine. Although, I don't feel that comfortable in this role as a President yet, I hope I get there. If I humbly rely on the Savior to help me I'll be blessed in this calling, I have no doubt about that. I feel very secure in the fact that I picked amazing women to work with, the Secretary is incredible I can already tell that. I will make it and as we get a good system going between the four of us and include all the others on the board we will be on our way. Most of all, I am depending on the Lord to qualify me for this position, it's His work and I am here to do his work. 

And that is how my life has taken a 180 from a month ago to today...from a room of 100 exuberant elementary aged kids to my own peaceful office & 200+ high school kids, & from serving as the director of the compassionate service board in RS to serving with these beautiful & amazing ladies ((& the 27+Youth)) in the YW presidency. 

Life is crazy, but this is one thing I have learned from the span of one year...the Lord IS aware of us, he DOES know us each individually, we should never doubt or let ourselves be misled in to thinking we are abandoned or forgotten, sometimes we have to go through really lonely and hard times because we are being prepared for something, maybe it's not your plan "A" but it could easily be HIS plan "A" for you. I know that everything is in his way and time and we need to rely on Him whether our prayers are answered or they are seemingly going unanswered. He's in charge and I am so glad I can trust my future to Him. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013 the fast lane

Holy cow...time is going so fast and life is seeming to be even faster these days. This blog is so neglected, it's too hard to update now that I compile our family blog books from a private address.
Kinlee started Grade Two. What?!?!

 We did our usual tradition of crepes for brekky the first day and after getting school blessings from her dad picking a theme to remember all year long...Choose the Right couldn't be more appropriate especially as she prepares to be baptised this year.

I also had my own back to school experience...I'm working full time in the Kindergarten of the same school Kinlee goes to...we are in a room of 100 kids (divided up in to 2 groups of 50) and I have to say as tired and worn out I am at the end of everyday, I love my job. I work with friends who make me laugh, kids who love with all their heart and say the cutest, sweetest and darndest things ( this week I got envelopes with drawings and fake little crystals brought to me with big hugs to top it off, the best compliment today was the mom of one of the darling little boys in our class who told me that her son told her about the "teacher" in his class at school, her name is Mrs. Jensen...he told his mom "I like her face." Now that just made my day). What a fabulous place to go everyday and to leave all the stresses and strains of life at the door. That's exactly what I do when I go to work. There isn't a better place to spend my days at this point in my life. We are so blessed and life is good. We work dang hard...but it makes the moments where nothing is happening and we can just purely enjoy each other so wonderful.
Kinlee is consumed with Grade two which entails a lottttt of homework, a great teacher and a big learning curve in her life. She is taking piano and loves it. She is still a little fire cracker and so fun and creative and crazy and like her teacher calls her "a ginger-snap"....fits her well. She's spunky and full of life that's for sure.
Life at the Dental office is busy and crazy...I do data entry etc on the weekends there and Mont works super hard all week as well. We also clean the building on a Friday night and then do a family date night even if it's only dinner out afterwards. Mont and J. hired a new technician and that has taken some of the pressure off of Mont and freed up a little more time for him to do some marketing which has paid off well with new clientele...which is especially a blessing when others are retiring. It's stressful now but will only go up from here, I am sure. Mont works so hard, and is always so appreciative to me for working hard on our business as I have books to balance at home with the corp. banking, all day work at the school, evenings making dinner, housework and Kinlee's extra-curricular and homework too..we are both so beat by the end of every day but knowing how hard we are working gives satisfaction to the down time even if they end up being date nights on the couch in a daze. Ok it's not usually that bad. Well, Ok maybe it is. Haha
Anyway, that's a rundown of where our time is going this fall...maybe things will change and maybe they won't but we can, we will be and we are grateful for what we have today...which if that is what the Lord intends for us to have, it is enough.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life, Satan, The Savior and Family

Sometimes life just isn't sunshine-y. It can be confusing and frustrating and at times make no sense at all. It can pull you in too many directions and not always the ones you hoped it would. It can stretch you until you snap. It can shatter in to a million pieces very suddenly, too. It can fill you with hope or engulf you in despair. I feel like Satan is playing a violent and corrosive game of tug of war with couples and families everywhere. I hate the moment of truth that always inevitably comes declaring loud and clear who won in what family. I pray hard that the storms of life stop at the door for every family but I am especially trying with mine...I do it as much as I can in more ways than I can count and not nearly enough in others. To combat the powerful attempts of our ever trying and never relenting brother Satan we have to be putting in more effort than he is. It takes vigilant and watchful care of our homes and those who live there---we cannot cease to do the very things that will armor our children, and even our spouses, each reaching out to the other, providing vital and essential protective gear that we, each of us, absolutely and fundamentally need to succeed in beating against the worldly game of tug of war Satan is desperately playing with every family (&especially those sealed eternally), and each individual in those families. He is literally standing at the door of our homes, our lives, and he's taunting us through thoughts and temptations, he is coercing at any chance he gets...hoping someone, any one will leave their door open even just a tiny crack enough to let him put his menacing manipulative foot in and keep that door open little by little until he of course knows he's opened it wide enough that he can move on because those inside are as miserable as he is and he has officially succeeded in tearing apart and segregating those behind that door to the point that he moves on to the next family with a sneer and a smirk that he has succeeded in destroying another covenant marriage, once eternally committed families now left in ruins. When he moves on he leaves in his wake heart-broken, angry children and self serving, momentary pleasure seeking parents. Or heartbroken pain stricken parents and rebellious self serving children.
I know of no other way to invite only the Savior in to our homes than to keep that door closed tightly, dead bolted against the violent forces of Satan. To successfully combat those forces we have to gather our families around us & use our time for a daily meaningful studies of the Book of Mormon and coupling with that we can't miss a day of having a kneeling family prayer at least a couple times every single day. We must embrace the good that is in the world and encourage our children to do the same. Decorate the walls with pictures of Christ, family, temples, scripture stories and beautiful things. Hug often and Listen. Talk to each other, eat dinner together, read the Friend magazine to our kids and articles from the ensign as a couple. Set goals and work hard to meet them, avoid judgments and harsh words, speak in quiet voices and praise at every chance with thankfulness and appreciation. There are so many ways to combat Satan and become a stronger family unit following after Christ only and never veering from his pathway. Even if you have left that straight laid path there's never lost hope, there is always a way back. I know the Atonement of Christ covers every heart ache and every sin. I know even when hope seems lost and dark times threaten us there is always a way to access that peace again and to come back after you've wondered strange and crooked or sloppy paths. I know our Heavenly Father is real and loves ALL of his children not just the ones who never stray or sin but all of us I know he wants us all back in his arms again no matter what kind of dirty, rotten mean or seductive thing we have done, He is not only there for us he is here now and stands waiting. I hope not a soul will be lost. I hope my own little family can somehow get by unscathed.
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Monday, July 08, 2013

Family Vacay Re-Cap

I missed my bed but that was about it! I already miss all the adventures and traveling, the full service hotels, seeing so many of my friends and family, reuniting with amazing people I love and hadn't seen in years, being blessed constantly on the road and in crazy Vegas traffic, laughing with my family while hours of highway stretched out before us. I loved not thinking about work or having much responsibility at all. I loved all the Temples along the way, the hilarious things our daughter came up with, the hospitality of so many great people, the valet parking and getting phenomenal mileage/900+ miles to the tank! The visits and sights, Temple Square, the Christus, scripture displays, tabranacle, the vastness of the conference center, the intricate beauty of the Joseph Smith Bldg and the Salt Lake Temple, lunch at the Lion House, all the visitors center displays, kind people, familiar missionaries and meeting a new neighbor we didn't know we had back home, it was the spirit on Temple Square and the power of the Gospel in action there. It was driving south the next day seeing cities turn to fields and then in to desserts and palm trees, joshua trees and cactus, the heat and the swimming, the complimentary tickets & fourth row from the front Cirque d'Soliel show we got to see, seeing Mont next to me during the show with the spotlight on him while masking tape was wrapped around his head and he was made to look like the Statue of Liberty with a goofy hat and holding up a candle for the entire audience to watch on (hilarious), the Billagio Fountains doing their thing to music, talking about & comparing the feelings Kinlee had on the strip vs. those on Temple Square. Meeting a family from Monty's mission, taking pix at the Las Vegas Temple and St. George as a whole! Visiting over breakfast with Uncle Leland and Aunt Gwen and getting a tour of his impressive woodwork shop, being given a large and beautiful frame he made with his own two hands. Seeing our nephew get baptized and having most of my immediate family together for the first time in a long time (missed you CB), making memories at Hoover Dam with an old college friend, combining meals with reunions though the reunions were much too short lived, late night talks just like old times with roommates talking about life and finding the positive in the tough things that have happened since we last saw each other. Eating lots of yummy burritos (the first four days that's all we either bought or were served) and all sorts of ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, fro yo's along the way (probably gained 10 lbs). Playing slip n slide kick ball with the fam in ID, doing a little shopping but not nearly enough, watching the kids at Lesa's neighborhood party while they played in the bouncy house watersides, rode in a bike parade, ate constant snocones and mini ice cream cones, played water balloon toss and just enjoyed the night and each other until the sun went down. We had late nights and never ending fun filled days, watched Monsters University at the hotel movie theater, enjoyed the palm tree surrounded pool at our hotel several times and a fun spray park in Provo while Mont got to sleep in in the comfort of my cousins beautiful home. We laughed and played the wii after the kids finally fell asleep and ordered pizza delivery at midnight with Paul&Lesa. We talked about teeth and laughed about everything, shared Canadian chocolate and chips and loved every last thing from the M&M and Coke Stores on the strip to the 40 degree temps at 2:00 in the morning, we almost died in St George when we walked out in to the oven of mid day to see the was worth it but we were more than happy to get back down in the A/C of our car and get out on to the open highway again. Seeing my mission president and his fun and feisty wife was a huge highlight for all us from the gated community to the mansion they live in to the visit around the table and plans for having them visit in Canada to Kinlee exploring their beautiful grounds/yard and getting covered in cat fur to her need to be near Sister Clifford at lunch the next day and seeing the two of them chatting over one Wisconsin dairy frozen custard sundae with two spoons. I couldn't stop smiling getting to introduce my family now to my family then in the mission, it was amazing! Where I live now has not been the highlight of my life for sure so being surrounded by the people who really know me and who love me and where the feelings are reciprocated was amazing --- can't describe it I just wish so much I could choose my perfect town and include all these friends as my own personal neighborhood! I got to see so many people who I love so much and who I know love me & my family without reservation or competition but genuine doesn't matter what you look like, wear or how much you make --- someday my heaven will include Gen, Alli, Katrina, Sharon and Douglas, Lesa and Paul, Elizabeth, Jody, Erin, Sammi, Tawnie, Emily, Kacey, Emma and Rick, Amy, Allison, Genny, Holli, Livi and a few of the choice others who live so far from me now but in my perfect world will be my next door neighbors! And that was what I realized on this trip was how many wonderful friends and family I have, yet just so far away and spread out all over the states. I felt so happy seeing them all again, being near such wholesome and loving kind old friends and family who were once people who lived with me in one way or another some never leaving my side 24/7 for months. What a fabulous much needed family vacation this was! I loved every second with my little family and we had a perfect balance of time spent with old friends and new friends extended family and then just us, which we loved more than we can say!!! Now it's on to work and summer fun until the next family camp trip or getaway, but man this was good! Better than good it was amazing in so many ways and levels! It was so great to see Mont relax like he did (except when he thought he lost the keys at Hoover Dam or the moments, sometimes long moments, spent in brutal traffic trying to get the car valet parked on the strip in time to pick up our complimentary tix to get us in to the show or the 4th of July traffic & turning in to one way taxi traffic at the MGM Grand---yikes!). Overall it was cherished memories made all over the place, it was new relationships and old ones rekindled, it was absolutely pure fun and few worries thought about. It was a family vacation none of us will forget!
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Day of Kindergarten.

I've been working at the School for only the past 3 months and I still felt attached to every one of those sweet little Kindergarten kids as I said good bye to them all today. They are so sweet and it was so fun to help give them the beginnings of a great education. I can't even begin to say what a huge blessing it was to my first year of being childless during the daytime hours. To say I was really struggling this year would be a huge understatement. Kinlee in full day school, no more kids, babies, to love and tend and care for like I always imagined my life and my home would be busy and filled with ... was incredibly hard. I had the worst case of January Blues I've ever experienced. Wow, even I can't believe how bad it was for me. I've never felt so low or so sad in my life, I'm sure of that. I prayed so hard for fulfillment no matter the form it came in I prayed for hope and healing and something useful to fill my time with. It wasn't until March that my prayer was finally answered and I got a job at the Elementary School. You really can't beat hugs everyday, 40+ kids to influence, teach and care for, adorable faces, smiles and giggles and the ability to reach out daily to so many children---to teach them and help them grow was such a gift and a blessing and considering I wasn't sure how to go on with life as I knew it two months earlier I can't even begin to say how thankful I was for that blessing when it came.
Now, the kids have finished their last day of Kindergarten and I was surprised by the amount of hugs and gifts of appreciation that showered us all as we came in to class this a.m. I was so incredibly touched by each of them but these first few, especially the M&M poem, actually made me tear up.
I will miss this group of kids and I am soo thankful I got to have the experience to work with the ladies I did and the children especially. Everything it was to me was something I definitely thanked Heavenly Father for daily. 
First of all here is the group of ladies I worked with this year....this was at our closing potluck, a good bye party and a double baby shower...
This poem was so touching...from Kalai
Candy Gram From, Hayden

The Gerber Daisy was from Cienna...such a sweetheart of a girl!
 More little gerbers from Bree 
 And this trendy and darling gift from Lesha...
 And Parker treated us to the Rolo Pencil it. 

 And then our little opera singer, Mataya who cried and made us all cry when she hugged us good bye...she'll be going to a different Elementary School next so she will be missed even more than the others since they will be coming back to our school in the new year and we should still be greeted by their darling faces and frequent hugs.
 I have loved having this job so much. There's a special place in my heart for each of the kids we had in our class this year and as with all children they rate at the top of my favorite things in life---the source of all true happiness for me stems from babies in my arms and children all around me! I love them so much and again can't even begin to say how thankful I have been for each of these kids and this job as a whole this year! I'm not sure where I stand with having a job back this fall although I'd jump at the chance to continue...with the EA cutbacks going on and all I'm not so sure that's my fate.  But again, sooo grateful for the work I had for the time I did and the friendships and love and the way my heart grew while in the presence of so many fascinating little ones!!

So if you want teacher appreciation ideas this should have supplied a few. I feel so spoiled!!