Thursday, October 10, 2013 the fast lane

Holy cow...time is going so fast and life is seeming to be even faster these days. This blog is so neglected, it's too hard to update now that I compile our family blog books from a private address.
Kinlee started Grade Two. What?!?!

 We did our usual tradition of crepes for brekky the first day and after getting school blessings from her dad picking a theme to remember all year long...Choose the Right couldn't be more appropriate especially as she prepares to be baptised this year.

I also had my own back to school experience...I'm working full time in the Kindergarten of the same school Kinlee goes to...we are in a room of 100 kids (divided up in to 2 groups of 50) and I have to say as tired and worn out I am at the end of everyday, I love my job. I work with friends who make me laugh, kids who love with all their heart and say the cutest, sweetest and darndest things ( this week I got envelopes with drawings and fake little crystals brought to me with big hugs to top it off, the best compliment today was the mom of one of the darling little boys in our class who told me that her son told her about the "teacher" in his class at school, her name is Mrs. Jensen...he told his mom "I like her face." Now that just made my day). What a fabulous place to go everyday and to leave all the stresses and strains of life at the door. That's exactly what I do when I go to work. There isn't a better place to spend my days at this point in my life. We are so blessed and life is good. We work dang hard...but it makes the moments where nothing is happening and we can just purely enjoy each other so wonderful.
Kinlee is consumed with Grade two which entails a lottttt of homework, a great teacher and a big learning curve in her life. She is taking piano and loves it. She is still a little fire cracker and so fun and creative and crazy and like her teacher calls her "a ginger-snap"....fits her well. She's spunky and full of life that's for sure.
Life at the Dental office is busy and crazy...I do data entry etc on the weekends there and Mont works super hard all week as well. We also clean the building on a Friday night and then do a family date night even if it's only dinner out afterwards. Mont and J. hired a new technician and that has taken some of the pressure off of Mont and freed up a little more time for him to do some marketing which has paid off well with new clientele...which is especially a blessing when others are retiring. It's stressful now but will only go up from here, I am sure. Mont works so hard, and is always so appreciative to me for working hard on our business as I have books to balance at home with the corp. banking, all day work at the school, evenings making dinner, housework and Kinlee's extra-curricular and homework too..we are both so beat by the end of every day but knowing how hard we are working gives satisfaction to the down time even if they end up being date nights on the couch in a daze. Ok it's not usually that bad. Well, Ok maybe it is. Haha
Anyway, that's a rundown of where our time is going this fall...maybe things will change and maybe they won't but we can, we will be and we are grateful for what we have today...which if that is what the Lord intends for us to have, it is enough.

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