Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time Goes By...

What a crazy week! It's the last day of, I probably say it a lot but man it's so hard to believe this month is already done and gone.

Big changes are on the horizon for our little family and one is actually happening soon, sooner than I thought it would anyway, which is both good and a little bit stressful.

I subbed two days this week in the Elementary School, the things I learned from a couple of the kids will not leave my mind...some sad situations are lived by innocent little ones right in our communities---this breaks my heart.
It seems so unfair for these tiny and darling little children who just came in to the world to have to endure such horrendous things. It hurts me a lot to imagine their fear or the thought of them not feeling safe, secure or loved in their very own homes, or the homes of those supposedly close to them.

I spent one of the days this past crazy week completely bedridden, couldn't move, unwell. Good thing I have an awesome work-from-home-brother in law who could take care of some of the more pressing things on my days list.

I am emotionally and spiritually spent already today...besides having a lot on the go, and a lot on the mind, it's probably owing in part to yesterdays' Ward Family Temple Day. A good chunk of our day was spent there and with our ward afterwards, exhausting enough, I came home and worked a little more on my lesson, closed that up just in time to walk out the door to the Relief Society Broadcast. Today has just begun and my eyes are already wanting to close.

My mind is consumed with plans to decorate a new home, a bigger place. Not to mention how to furnish it. And who will fill it's rooms and beds, sit around it's table. I love surprises, but waiting for them, not so much. I feel like we are being prepared for something amazing and I can hardly wait to find out what it is.

I love my calling so much, but man I feel slightly burnt out right about now. I teach an adult gospel study class that is filled to it's maximum at 60+peeps. I usually share the teaching load with another person, but he's working sundays lately and I'm feeling the pressure and weight of both our callings and such a large class today. But it's totally ok because I do love what I do and I am so thankful for this kind of calling in my life right now, its one of my biggest blessings, it's stretched me and heightened my scriptural senses knowledge and testimony have been re-ignited like a fire to my butt and I can't even say how much I love that!

Mont got released from his super tough calling as 1st Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency. I hope he's ready for the next thing, whatever it might be. He's a capable, spiritual man and I always get excited for what his next thing is mostly because he's the most amazing man I know and I don't think anyone really knows that like I do.

I love life and living and in some ways even the challenges that stretch us---I've had so many of those this past month it's not even funny. I love how the Lord takes care of his people and how even when it feels like he couldn't be any further away, he shows ya that he's actually closer than you sometimes think He is. I love that I have a husband who when the weight on my shoulders just seems like too much to carry he can lay his hands on my head and lift the burdens with the words that come from his priesthood worthy mouth. He's my rock, both my Father in Heaven and my husband.

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Lynn said...


I hope your Sunday is a very uplifting and spiritual one. Good luck with teaching your class. I will be thinking of you while I am teaching mine. ; )

Your new adventures sound exciting by the way.