Sunday, November 25, 2012

Animal Lovin'

Peyton was super excited that there were horses where we went last Saturday & one to pet, even! I think she liked it even better than seeing Santa! I love little Peyton, she's cracked me up with her quirky, funny ways...she's a sweetheart!

This horse lovin&petting lasted a good ten minutes.

And then it was kitty love, enough to go around, chase and fight over!


Oh these kids...there was some serious lovin goin on in these poor pups living quarters, yikes! But how cute are all of these babes, kiddies & pups alike!

Mont knew from the git go & even just from pictures Terisa posted on buy&sell sites which puppy he wants! Here's his fondly already named but not likely to be owned (by us) puppy dog, Chloe...

I have to admit she is pretty stinking cute, and that wasn't the only puppy dog eyes I had on me right then either.

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