Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm always touched by all the adorable little Primary kids & their sweet singing and funny little moments in the yearly primary presentation, but I think my favorite part today was watching Kinlee sing the words to "The Wise Man and The Foolish Man". When she sings the chorus she never fails to alter the wording to her own take on the song..."the rains came down and the flowers came up...the rains came down and the flowers came up." Made me was pretty much an hour of alternating between laughing or tearing up. I love kids so much, there's nothing more touching to me than the testimonies of children & the primary songs they sing! I love it.
I also loved that my parents surprised us and showed up to watch Kinlee in her presentation ... It means a lot to have extended family show their support. Thx Mom&Dad!

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Heidi said...

How precious is that? The Primary presentation is my favorite Sunday of the entire year. I got to see ours and also just happened to be in Shawano when they had theirs.