Friday, November 09, 2012


It's beginning to feel a whole lot like a decorate for Christmas kind of day---its in this nutty weather! But instead I think we will just enjoy the Winter Storm Warning & that there is No School & take a perfect kind of Snow Day. Maybe it'll help keep my mind off the big fat fact that I'm missing the little sis 6 hrs away right about now and/or maybe more especially the part where I could be getting to hold her brand new beautiful baby boy born 2 wks early yesterday. Despite that I am looking very much forward to cuddling with the little miss eating her fave S&V seasoned popcorn & watching the new Tink movie after some sledding & hot chocolate. And then finally get to go on the verrrryyy much needed dinner date-night with the Mr. to see the long awaited Taken 2 movie!!

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Lynn said...

Darn. We don't get "snow days" here in the city. The kids are suppose to get to school no matter what even in this blizzard we've been having for two days! lol.

The picture you painted of snuggling in with your loved ones sounds so awesome! I will have to check out that movie! Didn't know it was out. Thanks!

Happy Snow Day!