Monday, December 03, 2012

22 Days Until Christmas


Here are the deets on the project...this was in a Facebook group called "My Peruvian Kids". I saw it and knew immediately it was right up our alley and just one of the things we could do to help make Christmas better for those in need and those who go without while we live in plenty. 
I hugely recommend any and every family that can join in on this ... it was a beautiful experience for us!

"HOT CHOCOLATE Sweet Bun and Toy PROJECT $5.00 a child

Christmas in Peru is a huge deal. They believe that the baby Christ child will bring them a gift if they are good, but they never get a gift. The children we bring Christmas to are most often abused and abandoned. They look forward to this day for an entire year with hope that this year will be different.

This year we plan to bring hot chocolate, a sweet bun and a small toy to 300 of the poorest children. Some of these children will walk from far away villages for hours to come to the party.

You can donate to this by 2 ways: the Red Donate button at top of this facebook page OR mail it to HIgh Andes Box 1023 Raymond, AB, T0K 2S0.

If your kids want to write a letter we will have the peruvian kids send you back a small letter.

100% of you donation will get to the children because we have no overhead and pay no one.

Mucho Gracias from the children.
Sherri Wendorff
 After Kinlee had a bath and we all ate dinner we set out to make our little cards and write a check for 6 little Peruvian kids. There were some teary moments as we talked about those who have nothing, who go hungry, who are motherless and fatherless, who are abused and neglected, diseased and who truly just want to be loved and to have even just one small something to call their own. Explaining this to Kinlee, watching a little clip on it and reading the above description of one small way we could help it all amounted to a great experience for all of us. 

 Here's one side to our simple little cards...
 They are all doublesided and each one got a little package of stickers attached as well. 
I love Kinlee's thoughtful little message "I care about you."
Mont's note written in Spanish of course. Ha, I love it! 
I really hope these bring cheer and sunshine to their Christmas day combined with a little toy a sweet bun and some hot chocolate.
One day I will get to be the one to deliver good cheer to these foreign countries and beautiful, humble little children. 

 She was so happy and voiced it too...saying, "I just felt so happy when I let that drop in there."
We came home and closed our family home evening and Kinlee's prayer put tears to the surface of both our eyes as she prayed with so much passion and love for these 6 little kids we just connected with through making these simple 3X5 cards, notes and our own little discussions, sharing some money and then sending it on it's way. 
Quoted from her sweet, child-like humble prayer...
"Please bless that those kids will get those cards...probably right now.
Bless that their lives will be better when they get the cards, that they will get moms and dads or at least get to an orphanage."

Oh, that girl...she is a constant heart melter in moments like these. What a little sweetheart. I love her so much and I love that we got to hit off this years Countdown to Christmas in exactly this way and that her Daddy could be here with us to do it all is huge...what a fun and spiritual family home evening...a success, if you ask me. 

Now go do it's really easy, it really doesn't take much and I think it's effect will be beyond anything we have ever experienced on Christmas day in this land of plenty and so often land of entitlement. Not to mention the priceless lessons it will teach your children, which is one of the/my main goals as a parent during this most wonderful time of the year. 


Lynn said...

Awesome! Definitely adding this to our "What we can do to help" list this year. THanks for the info and tips! We are on it.

Lynn said...

P.S. Can you email me and let me know who to write the cheque out to? We don't have facebook accounts.