Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Rush

The Dental lab business stays consistently busy all year round but also consistent is its Christmas Rush which usually starts mid November and no later than the 1st of December and runs well in to the new year. Isn't that the way the song goes ..."All they want for Christmas is their two front teeth ((or back or bottom)).." Either way, we definitely notice a void in our home leading up to Christmas! Kinlee is in bed asleep by the time her daddy gets home from making everyone's two front teeth, or back ones, side or bottom...but this morning she crawled in to bed with me after the mr went to work already and after kissing my cheek and telling me she loves me she noticed the empty right side of the bed and asked why daddy never came home from work yesterday, why is he still gone?!?? From a daughter who loves her daddy with everything she has she was rather devastated & later on eating her egg omelet & toast for breakfast she informed me that she doesn't like Christmas anymore because she does NOT like that she feels like she never gets to see her daddy! It was rather sad really! But mostly, I just feel grateful that she loves him so much and that she can express herself with words now instead of just acting up more when we go thru this time of year that inevitably takes him away from home for longer hours leading up to Christmas. Luckily, we close the lab for a week between Christmas and New Years and that gives us uninterrupted time together. That's all we really want for Christmas!

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