Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daddy's, Earthly and Otherwise

Kinlee is a special little girl with an early strong developed relationship with her Heavenly Father. She also has a priceless and strong relationship with her earthly father. Every Saturday he takes special care and attention to spend it with his daughter. I am so thankful Kinlee is getting to have the experience on earth that she understand a little more about the love of her Heavenly Father by the example, heart and time her earthly father gives her.

They spend their Saturdays together. The deal was made years ago, I actually remember exactly where I was sitting at the moment it was said...definitely on the hideous hand me down 70s sectional couch in the living room of our tiny first home together. It was a Saturday and it was not that long after our first tiny little angel was born. Mont, a doting dad from day one, walked in while I was feeding our baby and somewhere in the convo he said 'when she gets bigger I'll spend every Saturday with her while you stay home with our next baby'. Oh man how I am loving to see that that has come to fruition and I joy in seeing Kinlee have this amazing bond with her daddy here on earth! It's something I never got growing up and I can't tell you how it makes me really feel inside that our daughter does.

Today is just like any other Saturday. Kinlee and her dad. And now their dog as well. They made their dump run, Town Pump for a treat and they made the dog run down some random dirt road and now the three of them are out there changing the oil on the Jeep.

As far as the end of that deal that concerns me...the part where I'm at home taking care of our babies, Kinlee's siblings, while he takes her on a Saturday like today and every single other one since Kinlee went and got bigger, so fast :,( ...I have yet to get to keep up that side of his futuristic image of our life. Even though thats a constant heart ache for me (us) and though I am in the home while they are doing their Saturday thing & my arms are painstakingly empty, I am still so beyond grateful that Kinlee has her daddy and that Saturdays are theirs.

Just having Kinlee here with us and that I'm not still waiting for even her to join our family is something to be grateful for. I have so very many blessings and things to be so incredibly grateful to my Father in Heaven for. It really is nothing short of a beautiful life that we have together and Kinlee is one of the lucky ones to have a dad, on the earth and in her life, like him is blessing enough for a little girl like her. To have one so remarkably involved and heartfelt and fun-loving like he is is also huge! She has a daddy who is really there for her no matter what, she has a daddy who wants to be there for her, who wants to spend time with her, who loves her more than she will ever truly comprehend and one who she never has to doubt that he is always going to be there for her, her advocate and supportive constant, she never has to question that he really does love her and completely unconditionally, that he respects her & always always will, he takes every chance allotted him to teach her, he is patient in her quirks or trials, he is the kind of dad who will, at any seconds notice, lay his hands on her head and bless her no matter what, that all she has to do is ask and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for her.

And that was honestly not the purpose of this post. The purpose of the post rather was the phone call I got from my little girl a few minutes ago. Her adorable excited little voice on the end of the line is the reason for this post. What she said that I hope she never forgets and I hope she continues to experience through out her life: she told me that she and daddy left a socket set (one that belongs to Uncle Mike) on the bumper of the truck and when they realized that they did it was too late. The tools were already gone. Kinlee excitedly told me what happened and how the socket set turned up...she said "mom I prayed and I knew Heavenly Father would help me and daddy find them then I heard a voice tell me they fell off the bumper at the corner where we turned to go to the dump. Dad thought they were gone but I told him I had a feeling we would find them. When we going there there they were, they weren't gone! And I knew we would find them. It was all because I prayed and Heavenly Father heard me pray!"
To Mont she said "This is the first time Heavenly Father has answered my prayer THAT FAST!!"
There's nothing that warms my heart more than hearing Kinlee share her testimony and spiritual experiences with me. I loved this humble phone call from my own sweet daughter and a daughter of God learning every day that she really IS one!! I hope she remembers these moments spent with her daddy on earth and that the experiences she gets, to know also that her Heavenly Dad is real and loves her too! And that He does hear and answer prayers, she's lucky to know these two vital relationships firsthand so early on in her life!

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Lynn said...

Oh what a beautiful post!!! Love that her precious little prayer was answered so quickly.

And yes.....not all prayers are answered as quickly as we hope. I am so sorry that you are feeling the ache of a prayer still not answered the way you would of hoped. It's not easy, I am sure.

P.S. Love the "deal" that you guys made so long ago about Saturday's being his day with Kinlee. As soon as I read that guess what song came to mind? Saturday is a special day. ; )