Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Big V-Day, Valentines Love

I always have big plans leading up to and on the holidays since I had Kinlee and especially as she's gotten older and sooo appreciative of every thoughtful thing. I loved everything about her excitement over keeping her room clean to see if her sweetheart iloveyou sign was hanging from her door after school every day for 14 days. She loved every surprise hidden in her room on the days her room was cleaned up...she only missed one day. Mont got a 3-day countdown in the form of candy grams & love notes greeting him in the jeep every morning before work.

As for me I loved making Kinlees IPod valentines for her class and teachers and having her write notes of thanks on the teacher ones. It was fun splattering Kinlees bedroom with heart shaped balloons and hearts with notes all over her door to find valentines morning. Kinlee gets showered with love from so many people including neighbours we don't even live next to anymore...this holiday was once again no exception. She got spoiled. We also took the chance to deliver neighbour goodies around too. This was a corny one and fun to share...It's a jar of valentine candy corn and a hand printed note from Kinlee. **PS. All pix I post thru Blogpress are grainy until clicked on.

It was even fun to get a 6:15am subbing call (I was already awake and nearly ready anyway) and to get to be at the school for the valentines parties. It was also fun to see my nephews excitement when I subbed in his classroom and then to sit in a room to help and quiz kids on their spelling etc that gave me a perfect view of Kinlee working in hers.
The only disappointment of Love Day was not being able to pull off a full on Fonduedinner by candlelight. It was an after school after work day fail. So it was take out by candle light and a delicious dessert by candle light complete with chocolate fondue & dipping strawberries, bananas and angel food cake. It was de-vine!!

The sweetest thing of the night came before that though. It was a knock at the door and seeing Kinlee run to answer it. It was the man behind the door holding the single stemmed rosé and babies breath. It was the way he bent down toward his little girl holding the rose out to her that spelled love and made my eyes water. It was her genuine huge smile once it sunk in that he really was giving her the rose. I would have been completely content with that image in my mind forever...they have the sweetest father-daughter relationship and this sealed something in me that I never want to forget.

But his next was to reach out to me discreetly and sweetly with a huge hug and kiss and handing me a giant bouquet of Daisies (my absolute fave and the traditional flower of our relationship starting way back at the beginning of us). They were beautiful! And anyone who says they don't need flowers or don't want them hasn't felt like I did on Valentines Day this last week. I am totally content with the bright happy flowers I got for Valentines Day even if they do die eventually. We have an unwritten agreement about gifts on every holiday...we don't go crazy with them so Valentines Day is the one we choose to opt out on and we generally just do a few thoughtful things for each other and leave it at that. I wasn't expecting these at all...

I love my man so much --- I am so thankful for the marriage and the friendship we have. He is my best friend and I couldn't me more grateful for the blessing of knowing I'm loved as much as I am being married to him and getting to be with him forever. He is amazing and I'm so proud of him and so in love with who he is and what we have. It's a beautiful feeling knowing there isn't a single thing he wouldn't do for his girls. I lucked out somehow getting a man of his magnitude as mine!
One of the other best parts of the day was this shirt and the support it showed to our sweet nephew/cousin Grady who was born with some physical limitations and at almost 2 years old is still only getting his sustenance from a tube in his stomach. He's a very loved little sweetheart & we are so grateful he's part of our family and lives! He's a sweet and special little guy! Anyway, Dana (Monts sister, Grady's amazing mom) had her neighbor Simon Dewey design these shirts for all of Grady's cousins to wear to school on Love Day!

We DO love a Tubie (aka a tube-fed Baby). And are definitely on Team Grady. Love Him so much and we love these shirts!!!

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