Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Week...

...can rot!

Monday set the tone with a lovely kick to the gut at the accountants office and the wonderful check we get to write to the Federal government (as if I haven't written enough already). How fantastic it is to have to grow up, to be adults, in this money grabbin' world, and to get ourselves a corporation to call our own and it body slams you in a corner at tax season.

Tuesday took the honors of starting out with a phone call from my mr. whose first few words were I got hit by a car that ran a red light. I'm headed to the police station. In a pretty banged up truck I might add. At first I was just thankful I still have a husband. Today I'm just sad that the whole front of our truck is so smashed up. And even considering it could be a write off just makes me sooo sad. That's the truck we cranked the tunes, cruised and kissed in so many years ago (and since). Seriously truck is part of us, it was our dating days and so much more. It's a good truck and you couldn't tell it her but it is/was a nice truck, it's Mont's baby. I do not want to see it end up in some junkyard, not yet. Oh man I am such a sentimentalist. But for reals this sucked!

Today, Wednesday, wasn't so bad. That is, until I realized 3 hrs too late that I totally dropped the ball on Kinlees dance class and one of the final prep for the recital classes too. I helped a great neighbour and friend pack all day today and then didn't want to drive the truck so walked to pick up Kinlee from school and came home beat! We did some homework and hung out then I went to our ward RS 17th of March party. It was not a cool realization when it hit me either. I felt awful. Still do.

I hope somehow I can get back on track and end this week out in a much better way than its started. Holy!

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