Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Day of Kindergarten.

I've been working at the School for only the past 3 months and I still felt attached to every one of those sweet little Kindergarten kids as I said good bye to them all today. They are so sweet and it was so fun to help give them the beginnings of a great education. I can't even begin to say what a huge blessing it was to my first year of being childless during the daytime hours. To say I was really struggling this year would be a huge understatement. Kinlee in full day school, no more kids, babies, to love and tend and care for like I always imagined my life and my home would be busy and filled with ... was incredibly hard. I had the worst case of January Blues I've ever experienced. Wow, even I can't believe how bad it was for me. I've never felt so low or so sad in my life, I'm sure of that. I prayed so hard for fulfillment no matter the form it came in I prayed for hope and healing and something useful to fill my time with. It wasn't until March that my prayer was finally answered and I got a job at the Elementary School. You really can't beat hugs everyday, 40+ kids to influence, teach and care for, adorable faces, smiles and giggles and the ability to reach out daily to so many children---to teach them and help them grow was such a gift and a blessing and considering I wasn't sure how to go on with life as I knew it two months earlier I can't even begin to say how thankful I was for that blessing when it came.
Now, the kids have finished their last day of Kindergarten and I was surprised by the amount of hugs and gifts of appreciation that showered us all as we came in to class this a.m. I was so incredibly touched by each of them but these first few, especially the M&M poem, actually made me tear up.
I will miss this group of kids and I am soo thankful I got to have the experience to work with the ladies I did and the children especially. Everything it was to me was something I definitely thanked Heavenly Father for daily. 
First of all here is the group of ladies I worked with this year....this was at our closing potluck, a good bye party and a double baby shower...
This poem was so touching...from Kalai
Candy Gram From, Hayden

The Gerber Daisy was from Cienna...such a sweetheart of a girl!
 More little gerbers from Bree 
 And this trendy and darling gift from Lesha...
 And Parker treated us to the Rolo Pencil it. 

 And then our little opera singer, Mataya who cried and made us all cry when she hugged us good bye...she'll be going to a different Elementary School next so she will be missed even more than the others since they will be coming back to our school in the new year and we should still be greeted by their darling faces and frequent hugs.
 I have loved having this job so much. There's a special place in my heart for each of the kids we had in our class this year and as with all children they rate at the top of my favorite things in life---the source of all true happiness for me stems from babies in my arms and children all around me! I love them so much and again can't even begin to say how thankful I have been for each of these kids and this job as a whole this year! I'm not sure where I stand with having a job back this fall although I'd jump at the chance to continue...with the EA cutbacks going on and all I'm not so sure that's my fate.  But again, sooo grateful for the work I had for the time I did and the friendships and love and the way my heart grew while in the presence of so many fascinating little ones!!

So if you want teacher appreciation ideas this should have supplied a few. I feel so spoiled!!


Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I'm so impressed with how creative all the gifts were! I'm sure crossing my fingers that you are still there next year - you're adored by children AND adults!

Jill said...

Love this D. How lucky are these kids to have you. As I read this I thought you are so perfect for this job (and for motherhood!). So glad for your continued job next year, Love ya Jill

Christal said...

That is SO beautiful!! and what cute thoughtful gifts! What blessings in disguise! You are awesome! So happy that you got the job back again that is awesome!! ♥ya!

Lynn said...

Those kids are so darn lucky to have you. I would of LOVED to have had a teacher in the classroom for my kids like you. Obviously you are well deserving of those gifts. ; ) What sweet kids to remember their teachers like that.

Happy Summer!