Thursday, August 09, 2012

Volume 8

Ordered and received---at what seemed like record speed---Volume 8 of our family's book of memories ((which are now deleted from the blog and only sit on our shelf in our home instead of all over the internet)). I get so excited when I get another one of these books in the mail and get to add to that part of our growing bookshelf, our own written words---everyday moments and family activities, growth, learning and fun that might otherwise be forgotten. All bound up and compiled in a quality unforgettable book. 
I love it!
And if you want to make one of your own it's 17% off right now until August 15th. 


Jenn said...

what website did you use?? Miss you!

Lynn said...

So cool!

I love ours too. I am grateful that my hubby has that ability to print ours into book form for me. He also puts it on DVD's so that I have a back up in case of house fire, flood, earthquake, or whatever. lol.

And it's good to have the DVD so that we can make extra copies whenever we want for the kids and grandkids someday. {They each want their own copies.} your excitement about family history! It's fun when it's our own. Right? ; D

Mont and Dawna said...

Hey Jenn, I use blog2print. They're the easiest and fastest, most convenient one I've found.