Sunday, September 23, 2012

An OrganizationAttempt & SundaySchool

Okay so I don't love the amount of papers that constantly stream through our front door, we've already established this. I also don't love my fridge being overtaken by said papers, announcements, invites, reminders whatever it may be. So thanks a lot to good ole local buy&sell's combined with some wicked garage sales I've scored this finished product and added some semblance of order to one aspect of my job running a home.

I am kind of proud of my creation here...and I'm equally as proud to say this project is Not inspired by Pinterest...

We really like it and its working so more stacks of papers flyin around here and everyone has their own drawer with their own pen/pencil so there's no question where to look or who dragged what off. Haha.

I'm teaching Sunday School today on the best, most descriptive chapters in the Book of Mormon. I bawled already 3 different times just in studying them more especially 3 Nephi 11:7-17.

Amazing! Beautiful and so incredibly spiritual especially in contrast to the chapters and events leading up to that experience in those verses. It confirms every truth you may have doubted about our Savior and Redeemer. It's miraculous and beautiful in a way words can't express. It's something you can feel so indelibly and deeply it rings so familiar to your spirit that physical words could never express it. I Love the scriptures so much, I can't get enough of them and their meanings to me and the amazing insights that come when you delve in to their pages. It's a beautiful incredible book and its true.

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Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I may have laughed out loud at your "proud that this project was not inspired by Pinterest:"
You did an amazing job - it looks so awesome!