Friday, September 21, 2012

In Love

with her dad!

Check this scenario for example:

Daddy's leaving for Work. She's awake and sees him off. I hear the door close. Two minutes-ish later the door opens. All I hear from a couple rooms over is a sigh and this just after the click of the door jam:

"Awhhh he is soo handsome."

Then she comes and sits on the side of my bed and says to me with another sigh..."I just waved my heart out to daddy (doing the motions) and blew him kisses (again actions included) until the last possible second when he had to turn to the highway...Awhhh mom he is so handsome."

She's crazy about her dad!
I love that she is, I really do!
I just hope she can find a guy---for herself---who can measure up to all she's known and adored all her life.

This was just too cute not to quickly quote. Funny funny girl of mine.

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