Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grandpa's 90th

I'm pretty sure Grandpa J. is the coolest 90 year old guy you'll find anywhere. He made his bikes. He loved to weld when he was a little younger and he made a whole lot of things with that talent. But his pride and joy is this bike (which is always locked up if he's not riding it) and he shows it off almost every day around our little town. I love seeing him out riding, always makes me smile. He's getting slower but I think that at age 90 that should be allowed. He's still amazing. So on Friday he turned 90 and the whole extended family that could be there met at Dynasty Restaurant in Lethbridge for a huge Chinese dinner on Saturday afternoon to celebrate his birthday all together. Letters and memories were shared and some tears were even shed. Some came from Calgary and Montana to be here for it. We had fun sitting with Uncle Randy and Aunt Kari and laughing and catching up with them.  I love Mont's family. I love his grandpa and I am so grateful that he's been around this long and I hope he sticks around a lot longer. I miss my own grandpa who died when I was 8 (on the day I was suppose to be baptized, by him) so it's so nice to have Mont's grandpa around to get to know and love and imagine he's mine too.
(PS. the picture of Grandpa on his bike compliments of Shelly N. (I think).

All the kids with their parents...
And then theres' us in another poor quality pic...

Our family (minus Mike and Amy and Dana, Ry, Ty and Grady.) with Grandpa and Grandma J. 

My pictures didn't take well in that room...but whatever...still priceless no matter what. 

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