Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Funny Kid

Kinlee constantly says hilarious things...here's just a few of the bajillion things that make us laugh or smile.

Kinlee says to me: How old is your mom?
Me: She'll be 61 in a few days, actually.
Kinlee: Woe, that's a lot, and she doesn't even seem that much.
Kinlee is really in to season changes and what holidays are coming next. Tonight, after talking about how she decorated her room for the season, she told me:

"There's a girl named Summer in my class. But we aren't going to call her Summer anymore...we are going to call her Thanksgiving now."
She went to the bathroom without asking a week or so ago at School. Her teacher was not happy with her for it and had to give her crap for doing it so Kinlee would know not to do it again. Her teacher informed me later that she couldn't keep Kinlee in trouble for long once she heard Kinlee's response...

"My mom told me if I'm having a hard time at school I could go to the bathroom and pray."

There was no more scolding apparently. In my defense, yes I told her she could pray anytime anywhere and that even if her mom and dad aren't with her if she's struggling, scared, feeling sad or alone that Heavenly Father is always there and she can always talk to him in her heart. He is always there and always listening, even in places like the playground or in the bathroom. I definitely did not give her permission to go wherever she pleases to pray. Anyway, she's cute! And I love her humble shamelessness and innocence.

There's more I'm sure but that's all I can think of right now. I can't get enough of that girl even if sometimes she tries every ounce of patience I do have and hits every nerve some days...she is still a dream and a blessing, an angel and a sweetheart! And I know how hard this adjustment to school has been on her and I'm so proud of her for all the good she does and for the progress she makes every day!

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Brady and Alley Thomas said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute! I love that girl so much, and her sweet spunky personality. She must get it from her amazing mom!