Saturday, October 06, 2012


I expect to be filled to the spiritual brim this weekend. I'm grateful, for so many reasons, that it is Conference Weekend. I am in no way ready or up for teaching another lesson this week (sick---blah!). Teaching and prepping nonstop is great but a break is welcomed on average about every 4 weeks in. I really don't feel so fantastic right now and cuddling up with my family on our big comfy couch in my pajamas listening to much more qualified leaders than me sounds far more enticing than getting ready today, wearing a dress and standing in front of a large crowd of adult ward members leading a discussion. So that's my weekend plan sandwiched in between two walk throughs of the 140th soon to be Operating Temple of this amazing church we belong to. One tour was yesterday with our good friend and non member neighbor, Dawn, and Kinlee and the other will come again on Monday when we go with more of our family and meet up with more non members as they tour the LDS Temple as well on Thanksgiving Day.

What a great experience and a perfect day with my daughter and our friend. A late Lunch at Olive Garden. Great discussions and deciding that it was unanimous that the most beautiful amazing and special rooms of the day were definitely the Brides Room, & second only to the glorious Celestial Room (which immediately came with strong feelings of spirituality and closeness to the Savior in there. I also love the gospel discussions Dawn and I had as we prepared together for visiting teaching appt's we have coming up this week. She led that one while I drove. That woman is amazing and other than not being baptized and the occasional coffee she's practically already a member. Such an amazing woman and great experience getting to take her with us on this fantastic tour. Kinlee's little friend Emily was in our tour, Michelle one of our VT girls was on our tour, old high school/college friend Justin Hansen was our volunteer tour guide (he did a fantastic job explaining the rooms etc), saw te Smith and Drew fams and briefly got to see say hi and hug my first cousin Janelle at the entrance of the temple as well. It was awesome how many people were at the Temple, how many people we knew, and how many non-members voluntarily, all on their own, took the opportunity to tour this huge mysterious Mormon building. Such a fantastic day! Kinlee was a perfect angel and it was super special to share this opportunity together. I can't wait to take a second opportunity as a family on Monday when Mont comes as well.
Funny thing Kinlee said& in only the way Kinlee can...Background: Kinlee is an active, active child with a love for hot tubs, swimming and pools. When admiring the Baptism Font and 12 white oxen Kinlee reverently and oh so seriously, whispers looking up at me with those adorable brown eyes...."Mom, I just feel like jumping in there." I just smiled cuz she's smart enough to realize the difference between this pool of water and the ones we use at hotels or in the summertime. I do think there is wisdom in the age being 12 before children can start participating in Baptisms at the Temples. Haha.

So to sum it all up with a day like yesterday combined with the spiritual feast of two straight days and 8-10 hours of General Conference and a Thanksgiving treat of one more opportunity to go through the newly built Calgary Temple...I think I'll leave this amazing and long weekend filled to capacity with strength, direction and spirituality I almost desperately crave in my life right now.

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Christal said...

Cute pictures!! and great weekend! You are such a great missionary!! Still! love ya