Sunday, October 28, 2012


So much has happened in the last few weeks its been overwhelming but has now mostly calmed down.

First though, Halloween is coming and Dana let us use her kiddos size 6 cheer leading outfit. I have to admit Kinlee is a pretty stinking cute cheerleader, ya I'm not biased at all, haha. But really this kid has the crazy, cute and fun personality to go with it --- the only catch is I may be setting her up for failure wearing these rival team colors. Haha...I'm a Cardston girl by roots myself so naturally ... Well, here's the most darling Little Cougars cheerleader.

Otherwise, the move to the house across the road, though time consuming and super long hours, went good with only a few frustrations. I think we are settling in good now.

There was no regular meetings at Church today. Instead, we attended the broadcast of the new Calgary Alberta Temple & it was great. President Monson dedicated it. Elder Ballard spoke as well as a couple Seventy members and temple presidency members as well. The spirit always feels so strong in anything Temple related but add in the Prophet in the Celestial Room and a dedicatory prayer as well as a hosanna shout and it definitely makes for an emotional me. I can't help that.

We also dedicated our new home tonight and that was a great step in making this place feel like more of a home to our little family. I am so grateful to have a priesthood holder in our home who takes every chance to serve his family and who takes his role as patriarch of our home seriously.

It got super cold right after we moved in and luckily our renters got majority of their stuff in to our old place right before it dumped over a foot of snow on us. And you know us and our passion for indoor fires, Mont lit us a wicked fire or two the first few nights we were in and it was super cozy staying out of if the cold, cold weather that suddenly came on us.

Other than our crazy move and the joys that moving brings Kinlee is managing good in school and getting better and better with reading...I keep being so impressed with her ability to read and how it keeps just getting better and better.

She likes her reading buddy system and and recess, now that she's getting more of them ;) she's still totally wiped out by bedtime and her and Mont don't get near the quality time together that they used to especially when Mont has to work a little later than usual. She doesn't like that at all. She's hilarious and still thinks she is going to marry her dad when she gets older. She told me the other day at dinner that when she gets big and has her own baby(ies) that she's going to be married to daddy! I love her innocent convo's---I don't even like to correct her it's just too dang cute!

As soon as we moved in it seemed Subbing days at elementary schools and in the high school came out of the wood work and not that I don't appreciate them, cuz I do, but I have so much to get unpacked and organized and cleaned and set up here...we will see what this next week brings but last week was a write off as far as working around this new house went.

We are doing good and are feeling so blessed with everything we have been given, all the help others have offered and lent us and for the new space we call home!

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