Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Dentist

We got our check ups and cleanings in at our fabulous local dentist. 

I was super happy to get the report of 


It's also amazing the difference in Kinlee and a few years or two. 
She was so much more confident and not afraid to jump up in to those great big dentist chairs and get the deed done. 

I wasn't so lucky in the dental work dept.

Two years ago, I had a really painful night. It came on suddenly with a massive tooth ache and didn't leave.
So our good buddies at the dental office got me in on their busy schedule and did an emergency root canal. It was bad. And it wasn't pleasant at all.
They informed me then that within the year I would need to have a crown put on that tooth. 
That was November two years ago. 
In a couple weeks I'm scheduled to finally get that crown put in.
I wasn't thrilled to have to schedule that appointment. Uggh. Who is?! 
But on my way home I did have the thought,
"Who else could have a tooth in their mouth made by their husband?!" 
I know a few people of course but I'm thinking it's kind of cool to think that Mont will make one of my very own teeth. haha. 

We'll see how this goes, this is a new experience for me. Which seems odd considering how busy the guys at the lab stay all year long making crowns and bridges and teeth as a whole for others...seems almost inevitable. 

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