Saturday, November 03, 2012

More in the Move

Getting out of our other house after living there for over 7 years was a gong show, one I am glad is over. We emptied the shed on one of the saturdays before we moved in across the street and does that much stuff get crammed in to one small building. My gosh! There was sooo much stuff. Luckily, we threw a lot away, sold some on the Buy&Sell's around here, and packed the rest to haul across the road to our new garage. One thing in all this process is I was so thankful to own a truck. There's a lot to be said of not having to rely on anyone else to haul all our crap to the new place.

Look how happy Kinlee is! What a drama queen. She kept trying to collect all the junk she could find. It was rather annoying really. But the best part is this awful job is DONE!

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