Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween Chaos.

Kinlee gets tired of me asking her to smile for pix, or even look at me for a pic lately...Lily on the other hand held that cute pose and face for the duration of Kinlee's stubbornness. This was at the ward Party which was a total gong show. Once we ate the chili and pies/desserts...all craziness ripped through the church hallways...they did a trunk or treat and when I went out to get our candy there was total chaos on the loose in the hallways. I couldn't get through the masses of kids holding out their bags to get the candy that was being handed out in a long chaotic line down the hallways. It was not my thing, I don't do chaos. So I went back to the cultural hall and never did do the candy thing. I kind of felt guilty for that but for was ridiculous, I hope the activities committee reconsiders their future Halloween Parties of our ward...cuz that was a beast. At least that's how I felt about it. And as per usual Kinlee ended up with her traditional halloween cold that next morning. I swear every year for the last at least 3 of them she has a cold for Halloween and it always seems to start somewhere around that Ward Party. So it's big old raw, red nose for the actual night. Uggh. Not fun! But we made it. And I just think Kinlee's little friend Lily is the cutest thing ever! Love her!

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