Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween 2012

 My beautiful cheerleader! She was definitely dressed in blue&white, cheering all morning for the cougars, but we made it safely through Halloween Day and other than the excitement of her teacher who was born and raised in a blue and white cougar cheering town I don't think a lot was said and she didn't end up with one or more black it was a success. I was a little concerned sending her to a school who sports the red&white and cheers for comets and who you've never seen this fanatical about sports and their teams. It's a little crazy to send your kid to school in rival colours. But at age 6 and in grade one I think we were safe and that may have been the only reason why. 

 I went to the Temple with my wonderful visiting teacher the morning of Halloween and what a blessing that was! I loved every minute of getting to be there that morning. Then it was a rush to get changed out of my dress, pop the "Mummy Dogs" I had made the night before in to oven so that I could go to the Temple that day and then get them to the school in time to see Kinlee and her cousins in the parade.

I arrived with piping hot mummy dogs just in time to set them down in the classroom and get to the gym to watch the parade which had already started but for the first time ever I actually saw every one of my nieces, nephews and of course not that hard to see, my own kiddo do their crazy costume parade walk through the gym for the parentals. 
I was so glad it all worked out. I helped a bit for the class party as I am room mom and then I went off to finish some business books and banking and other errands in time again to get back and see Kinlee in action heeding her teacher with some work in her agenda to wrap up their crazy, halloween party day.
It was a full day but fantastic, too!

 Then it was a little break from all the action and some math homework
and reading, as usual.
 Then of course the ever traditional Trick Or Treating ... luckily it was over the top cold and snowy this year but either way we just hit up a few houses in the ward and then as we always do we make our family visits, grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, know, the works on a night like Halloween. 

 Trick or Treat!!
 Doesn't' matter what this kiddo ends up being...he's still one of my most prized little guys ever! 
Love him so much and couldn't NOT get a pic with this beyond adorable Clark Kent!
 She loves him too!
 And these two girlie cousins who love each other too!
 A fake surprised look on her face exaggerating how much loot she raked in by the end of crazy-day 2012!
 Once you make the rounds to all the family and do a few other friends' houses here and there you can still end up with a good chunk of candy, chips and pop. Kinlee still gets spoiled by neighbours, friends and family with her own specially made bags of candy. She's a lucky girl and I think she knows it! 
When all is said and definitely makes for a late night and this time we got to end it off with a lovely little fight when it came time to brush the cheerleader's sugar'ed down teeth. 
Holy just another gong show to end off the month with! 

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