Saturday, November 03, 2012

Safety City

 As room mom of Kinlee's class, I make sure to be available to be a parent helper when ever needed. The first time this grade one field trip to Safety City was scheduled we ended up with a huge dump of snow, terrible roads and super cold weather and it was postponed. Luckily, too because I do try to make my self available but that particular snowy cold day I ended up subbing at the school instead and had to back out. I felt awful about it because for one I look forward to being involved with Kinlee in the school in any way I can and for another I hate not being true to my word. So it worked out that I got to sub the cute little hutterite kids at Hutterville Colony School and I got to join the kids on their field trip to Safety City. Kinlee is obviously growing up and where she use to grip my hand and stay by my side when I was near, still playing with her friends but wanting to be close to me, this time she only wanted to sit with her friends and sit with her friends she did. Sarah and Lily got the honours. And it was obvious just how very tired Kinlee was after Halloweening the night before...because in between laughing and giggling and joking and playing with her friends (and much to my dismay) she sucked her thumb a lot.

The Field Trip was great. I led a group of six with Carly and besides a few little incidents we had fun on the treasure hunt while practicing safe pedestrian rules from one mini building to the next. It was cute and the kids learned well I think. 
I decided to stay in town and do a little shopping afterwards so while we waited for our mr. to come pick us up we chatted with the presenter, Tammy, for awhile and Kinlee helped her round up all the pencil boxes from all the mini buildings. She loved that and in the process they learned that Kinlee had the same name as Tammy's 12 year old daughter. It was cute to watch them talking and walking around this mini city. Kinlee loves to be of help to any one any where. I think she likes feeling important, I guess, who doesn't but it seems like Kinlee is in her element when she's helping someone and learning new things.

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