Thursday, March 21, 2013


Chloe went missing a week ago and gave quite the scare to Kinlee. She loves her dog and was super devastated to go out and find her rope and dog tag but no Chloe. We spent an hour or so driving around looking in desperate vehicles, Mont missed his Spanish lesson and it was just a gong show really. Kinlee was so sad and couldn't stop talking about all the alternatives of what might have happened to her dog. She said she prayed three times somehow and claims it was right after she ended her third prayer that someone approached her and her dad in an alley way near our house asking of we were looking for a dog. These people ha toed her up in their yard and the search came to a happy end for Mont and Kinlee.

Very happy and back to usual for Kin and Cloe.

She's a pretty nice dog. I'll admit I wasn't feeling that good about her missing either and I was happy she made it back home.

She's a really good dog and things aren't quite as bad as I thought they would be by adding a dog to the fam. There would be a sad little void for our family if she never returned. Kinlee loves taking care of and playing with Chloe and taking her out with her daddy in the evenings for a run and with them on their usual daddy/daughter Saturdays, too. There's definitely a bond we wouldn't want to lose there.

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