Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ups and Downs

Wow everything feels like a whirlwind lately. Especially this past week. We went from a major pain in the royal rump tax season gut kick to a 2012 mustang trying to bulldoze over our solid 98 Chev 1/2 ton truck while barreling through a red light intersection to Kinlee being on one all week, to forgetting all about her vital-down-to-the-wire-last-of-the-dance-classes-before-the-recital class on Wednesday to having to come to terms with one of my favorite people vacating her house across from us. I was so happy to get to be able and available to help her pack but I am really sad that she's leaving (she could easily be my mom as far as age goes but she's become one of my closest friends ever since I moved here 7.5 years ago, I have loved having her so close, she's so good to me and is one of the best things about Raymond for me!) Luckily, she's not going far, still in Raymond, just no longer right across the road. So point is one bad thing after another not so great thing & this week really just bit the dust! Uggh.
The good part was that the week didn't stay full of unfortunate events. It ended off with a chain of good things too. On Friday morning, I interviewed for a position at the elementary school that Kinlee goes to and a few hours later got the call from Administration that I have a job if I want it. Well, I do. I'm super excited to get to work close to Kinlee, right where she is all day. That rocks! I could not be happier with that! I should still be able to balance my time between housework, homework and business too so I'm pretty happy so far. I have yet to find out where exactly I'll be working in the school but I do know its with the younger grades which I love! Also I was pretty flippin happy to hear that our company rooms were booked at Fantasyland Hotel. And bonus us girls will get to do some serious shopping at West Ed Mall while the guys are off at a Dental Convention. Evenings with the guys, a super fun theme room hotel and shopping during the day...sounds sooo inviting to me! After enduring a lot of long days and a series of unfortunate events it just sounds so nice to get away, relax, shop, eat, sleep-in do whatever I want.

So although our life feels whirlwind-ish and it's filled with ups and downs, we really can't be too upset over the downs because we know that we really are so blessed and the not so great days pass and the downs always work themselves out the way they are suppose to and prayers even though some may seem to go unanswered, they are always answered in the right way and in the right timing.

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Lynn said...

Life sure is a crazy roller coaster ride, eh? No fun somedays. Do you ever want to say "I'm want off this ride?" Like I do? lol!

Congrats on the new job, finding your dog, and plans for a happy get away weekend with your hubby at dental convention! Happy Easter!! ; )