Monday, April 01, 2013


Easter Weekend...

I love the Easter Season. This year was different and hard to enjoy like I like to. Kinlee got strep throat last week and was really especially sick on Thursday so I kept her home and sat next to her all day. She watched every Easter Mormon message and general conference talk there is on the Internet.

She wouldn't eat much so I made her some jello and picked up some ginger ale. We had ordered some things from Forever 21 online and the package arrived while Kinlee was down and out. It seemed to cheer her up a little for a moment. She sat in the hot tub for a bit while she was so sick too. But it was a solid 10-12 hours of solely laying on the couch. It was rather sad. I came down with the same sickness by Friday and was in agony all weekend. I pulled off Easter the best I could and once Kinlee had Antibiotics in her system (thanks to her daddy) she started perking up. She loved the Easter egg hunt and enjoyed what Easter we were able to do. I'm still not feeling so great and Kinlee is off and on with how she feels.

She was super happy to get this soft bunny she had desperately wanted from the store a month or so ago. She squeezed it and kissed it and said "Now I know you CAN ask the Easter Bunny for something you really want and get it." So cute!

And all I could think was how did she get so big when just 7 Easters ago she looked like this:

I am so grateful for her either age or size and I love that she came to us at Easter time! I love the Easter season sick or not but I sure would love for my health to return!
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