Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Time & A Season

Wow I'm a horrible blogger and even sluffing at journaling as a whole which is so not like me.

April, though it brought with it plenty of misfortune with a broken down washer, a rental car windshield we had to replace, bad awful weather, my baby growing up and turning another year older, sicknesses for the Little and me & Mont a little more absent than usual---gone til after bedtime for Kinlee almost every night this also brought with it silver linings all over the place too...a new & pretty awesome washer, a fixed shiny grill on the truck, another job to add to my plate, a blessing for sure---I got hired with Westwind School Division and get to work only a couple blocks from home with tons of adorable kids at the school & just doors down from Kinlee's classroom every day which also means I get to work only while she is away from me and get be home when she's home (which is the only way to go for me if I'm going to work at all outside the home with school aged children). Kinlee had a fun birthday party & our 8th anniversary reminded me how incredibly blessed I am with the amazing hard working, driven, ambitious, kind hearted, faith-filled, family-dedicated supportive fun and phenomenal man's man that I am married to and get to be side by side with forever, we still have yet to get out on a real anniversary date night or getaway. However, considering the stage in life that we are with so much to learn in this busy and new for us yet luckily thriving 30 year business to manage...we know there will be a time and season for the getaways and fabulous vacations we dream about & see so many others taking these days. For now, for us, its long hours, government deadlines, paperwork, accounting, balancing, marketing & keeping up quality intake management and above average outgoing dental restorative units. I hold on to the knowledge that the days of ease, free of weighty pressures and deadlines will come but for now we live day by day grateful each moment for the gifts and blessings we have and the things that lie in wait, that are promised as things just "around the corner". We look forward with an eye of faith and even in moments that could seem bleak, and or completely overwhelming, we know there is something amazing and beautiful that is being orchestrated just for us, these are the days of hard work and unfortunately little play, for us sometimes its grueling effort but we are gaining a solid and new dimension to our life and relationship as it is definitely a time for us to pull together as a team and as we prepare for a bright future while enjoying the blessings of living day by day & doing what is right for us in the present moments we are given, and of course we always look forward to less busy, brighter days of the future.

Life is good and we know its through difficult times, sometimes even stormy ones, that we learn the greatest lessons in life and for the depth of character that will go with us in to the eternities.

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