Wednesday, May 08, 2013

7th Birthday, 8th Anniversary...

Kinlee's birthday party was almost a month ago. She had a blast with one friend and her family and the weather stunk bad so we ended up staying home to celebrate. She always wants Lasagna and garlic bread (2 of her favorite things) for supper so that was it. She loves animal print and I went the easy route and ordered her cake DQ style...that's our style around here. It turned out so cute and tasted pretty amazing too. 
Her immediate thought each off year in answer the question who she wants at her Birthday party is always Dani. So Dani it was! They spent hours playing and a good chunk of time enjoying the hot tub. They were too cute the entire sleepover weekend party! 
 Kinlee got a lot of fun gifts from clothes to movies to a skateboard and scrapbook to earrings and a Taylor Swift CD to this darling huge card from Dani. Such a sweet candy gram and thoughtful message. These two are the cutest little besties!!
Eating their cake...
Josie couldn't handle waiting until the evening to give Kinlee all her presents so Kinlee got to open one of them in the afternoon and they were so cute while working on Kinlee's new Smashbook, she's wanted one for awhile, just like Josies!
They are my daughter, one I birthed and the other from another em both more than I could ever say.

Our baby is one year older and there is nothing we can do about it!
 We feel so blessed to have this spunky, wild, crazy, fun, sweet, sensitive, kind-hearted little love bug in our life and we couldn't imagine life without her! 
She is our biggest blessing. 
She weasles herself in between us sometimes, has never wanted us to hug without her...she tries to steal her daddy's heart and tends to have jealous bone in her sweet little spirit. She loves with all her heart, adores her daddy, gets in trouble, shares her love, notices those who are sad, likes to be busy and involved, gives most people a run for their money and can melt the hardest heart in less than a heartbeat. She loves fashion and style. She has a love for the color aqua and loves animal print anything. She is a baby lover with the best of them. She's a spiritual giant, loves to pray and has a strong testimony. She loves to read and learn and isn't always the best at following directions. She is often stubborn and thinks she can do her own thing and sometimes she tests the limits as far as she can. But she's responsible and quick to help, she reaches out with a kind helping hand when the need is there and she loves people with all her heart. She loves to create and build and collect. There's so much I could say about this little gal and  as much as it's the toughest thing in the world to have the trial we do of seeing her grow up so fast and not have the ease of choosing our family size and siblings for a deserving little angel we love getting so much time with her to get to know her the way we do to spend so much time one on one or all three of us at a time, she's a sweetheart who we feel we are blessed beyond measure with!!!

So whenever she turns a year older so do we...
Our eternal marriage together was performed on April 23, 2005 and it was only 11 days short of our first anniversary when we welcomed Kinlee in to our marriage. Knowing her personality now, I am not surprised she joined us so quickly and I would not be surprised if she wouldn't take no for an answer when she knew she wanted to join our family so soon here on this earth. I am also sure there are others much more laid back who await their turn to come to earth and join our family. 
So for now we turn 8 while Kinlee turns 7. 
And just as our wedding 8 years ago came before Kinlee, 
so does our marriage...
it's my first priority in life, 
my #1. Monty King Jensen will always be my #1. 
I love him so much and could not imagine my life without him.
I know it would be dry and dull, boring and lame.
With him, it's fun and funny, it's enjoyable and full of spontaneity, laughter and a faith in the unseen deeper than anything I have ever felt. 
It's because of him that I trust so much in tomorrow.
It's because of him that I hope for a better world
and things to come.
He gives me life and love,
a reason to live
and even, at times, a reason to love.
He is everything to me and I am so thankful every day and every night for him.
He's the hardest working man I know. 
He's the toughest guy I have ever met.
He has the deepest stamina in all the ways a person can.
He's the manliest man I know.
He goes through things no one else could ever understand or comprehend and he goes through them without murmuring or complaint.
He lives his life to the fullest and gives his marriage and family, his career and everything he's given stewardship over everything he has. 
He is the most amazing person I have ever known.
And he is mine forever and I thank my lucky stars he never took no for an answer or I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be where I am.
I love being married. I love who I'm married to.
I love laying down at night with a warm supportive arm around me, someone to talk to for hours if we wanted, someone to hold me no matter.
The kind of guy who gets up in the middle of the night in the middle of a deep sleep with work the next morning and walks down wooden stairs on to cold concrete pavement in to a dark corner of an unfinished garage to heat up a blanket in a dryer all because I said I was cold. Not because I expect it or even ask for it but just because of the kind of man he is.
I am grateful to be married to the kind of guy who when the hot water runs out in a tiny old house will heat pot after pot after pot of water to a boil and carry it from stove to bathroom to dump in to the bathtub until his sick pregnant wife can take a hot bath to ease her sore incapacitated body when she's got the body aches and chills so sick with the flu and 6 months along.
I am grateful to be married to the kind of man who will lay his hands on my head and be at my beck and call to bless and comfort in times of pain and illness, trial or difficulty.
I am grateful that man is Mont and that I get to share his life and home, family and finances, that I get to have a sleepover every night with my best friend. And that I get to for the rest of our lives and in to forever and eternity. 
I feel like the luckiest girl alive sometimes to have such a stud to call my own!!
I love him!
8 years strong and on to forever...
"Come Grow Old 
With Me,

Lucky Me!

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