Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day (Early)

Mothers Day each year is one of the best and one of the worst days for me. 
The best because I am a mom. 
And the worst because I desperately want to be a mom (to more children). It's hard on a good day but extra hard on certain ones and mothers day can easily take the cake on being one of the harder of any days to deal with the emotions of it all. Secondary infertility is by far the heaviest weight and the most painful burden I have ever had to carry. It has caused more anquish and suffering than I ever imagined I'd have to endure.

So on that note and so I don't dwell on the latter...Kinlee wanted me to open my mothers day card from her today after school.
It's two days before Mothers day but why not. 

It came with a booklet slipped in to a scrapbook paper watering can and though the words are spelled mostly all wrong I can still tell what they say.
And what they say melts me. 
Being a mother makes me more happy than I could ever, ever say.
And it's things like this that make me realize why being a mom makes me so incredibly happy...

"This is my Mom and me...

My Mom loves....
and me and dad. 
She's the best.

My Mom is good at...
and luvng me. 
(and) tuking me in.

My Mom is happy when...
she ses yellow.
(and) wen she ses me do something good.

The best thing about my Mom...
my MOM is butifol 
and she is nis. 
she is smart. 
she loves me. 

I love my Mom because...
she is butifl. 
and she liks my dad 
my mom is strong. 

My Mom and I like to...
gow on 
vakashins because 
it is fun. and 
bike ride.

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Brady and Alley Thomas said...

I absolutely Love this! I always loved seeing what the kids wrote about their parents when I was teaching. She knows what she's talking about. You really are so beautiful and the perfect mom for Kinlee! I'm sorry you have to carry such a heavy burden. I sure do love you Dawna!