Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

This beautiful little girl made me the happiest woman in the world when she made me a mom. Being a mom was always my only real goal---it really was my little girl dream. I love that role more than almost any other! It was the easiest, smoothest, happiest transition I ever made and I have never wished for a job, vacations, trips, recognition or money to take me away from it. It is the one thing I always wanted and I am so grateful I got it! I am so thankful for her and that she calls me "MOM". She's a gift...motherhood is a gift, both things I'll never take for granted...I know how hard it is for some to get it in the first place, others to keep it once they got it and even (for some) to really enjoy it in the moment of it all---good & bad, the ins, outs, the sleepless nights, screaming tantrums, difficult behavior whatever it is I will still always be thankful I have the opportunity here on this earth to be a mom and I look forward to eternity ahead of raising our children and loving the one I already have!
Even though sad thoughts and feelings of "what if" and "why me" sometimes creep in to my thoughts every Mothers Day I have to say I still love Mothers Day more than I don't. Only because I love that I have the sweetheart of a daughter that I do. I am grateful for the wonderful man who made me in to a mother in the first place. And I could never forget the sweet mom who gave me life & who raised me with gentle soft spoken kindness, the without-guile-void-of-judgment-example-of-placing-priorities in all the right places. And though we are so much different in so many ways from each other I have so much gratitude and love for the pretty awesome mother in law who loves and supports her children, each and every one, and who I can thank forever for the amazing man she brought in to this world. And finally the sisters and friends, and amazing other women in my life who I love so much, especially one certain one who never ceases to spoil me like I really was her daughter. Today I feel loved and I'm full of gratitude. And with that long winded spiel, I am now off to watch "Safe Haven" for the second night in a row with the wonderful guy who I have to thank for the greatest gift of all to beautiful, wonderful, sweet, smart, enthusiastic little ball of energy and pure joy of a little girl who keeps me on my feet and gives me every reason to keep moving forward. I'm definitely one lucky mom and I know it.

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