Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Bold Little Missionary

Kinlee came running in from a typical visit to a neighbor family yesterday at about this time (she's the friendly neighbor kid everyone loves...haha at least we think she's loved, she does get pretty spoiled on all sides). Anyway, she says to me while I'm making dinner in the kitchen... "*Robert and *Betty don't go to church and they don't pray, well Betty does sometimes, but they do believe in Heavenly Father, very much." I asked Kinlee how she knows all that and she said "Because I asked them." 
Here's the word-for-word dialogue she explained to me. 
Kinlee: "Do you guys go to church?" 
Betty: "No" 
Kinlee "Do you guys pray?" 
Betty: "No, well, sometimes I pray." 
Kinlee: "Well do you believe in Heavenly Father?" 
Betty: "Yes, very much." 
As an after thought she remembered that she also said somewhere in there that she even asked "Do you read the Scriptures?" To which (sadly) the answer was "no"

Poor Betty put on the spot by a bold little 6 year old missionary. I love that Kinlee knows the basics for living life happily and spiritually. The Sunday School answers as they are so often called. 

What a funny kid! We love that girl and think she'll make a fantastic missionary someday, heck she already is one!! 

*Names have been changed.

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Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Reminds me of that talk last conference from Elder Perry about the guy on the airplane asking his neighbour if he read the book of Mormon!
Pretty neat to have those experiences - helps you feel like they're actually getting it!